I, unfortunately, don’t really see myself as being one of those bloggers that can do a week in review post and therefore am going to try to do month in reviews. It seems a bit more manageable, and a good way to reflect on the last 28-31 days. So here we go! First month in review post ever!

I’ll be breaking this down into specific categories, and hopefully it won’t be too unbearably boring.

Also, fair warning, the linked reviews contain spoilers.


I only finished one book this month, putting me 3ish books behind schedule for my pledge of reading 55 books (according to Goodreads) but I’ve been really struggling with finding the motivation to read. It doesn’t help, of course, that I started the year off with a rather big book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But I’m nearly done with that series (I’ll probably finish it over spring break) and I expect to/plan on reading a lot more in February. If my classes allow me to…


I watched three in January, one of which was on New Year’s Day: Manchester by the SeaSister Cities, and I Hate Valentine’s Day. Each one was enjoyable in their own way, thankfully. I did start another one the other day (Liberal Arts) but didn’t bother finishing it, despite only having about thirty minutes left. I very easily could’ve watched a couple more but, like with reading, I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to watch any. Or, more precisely, I’ve been struggling with deciding which one to watch next.


As stated in my last life-related post, I am trying to find recipes that make for easy, pre-made lunches that don’t require being heated (thanks to limited time between classes). Mostly I’ve been taking snack foods and just eating one between each class, which seems to be working out fairly well, but I did try three recipes that I found online: Peanut Butter Banana Honey Muffins from Two Peas and Their Pod, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wraps from Womanista, and Quick and Easy Bacon Orzo from inventedcharm. Each one was delicious, but the buffalo chicken wraps ended up being lunches at home instead of lunches at school because I was paranoid about the yogurt, and the orzo was made specifically for dinner one night. I also made my own french toast with some stewed strawberries (with a dash of sugar) and some homemade whipped cream, which my mom whipped up.

I want to try a recipes with lentils because I’ve heard good things about them, but I’m not sure where to start because I don’t recall ever having them.

Here are some pictures of the muffins and the french toast, though, just to make sure you’re hungry while reading this!


The muffins in the oven.


The muffins right after they came out.


My own personal french toast plate.

I decided to also give Blue Bottle Coffee a try because I’ve been drinking french press coffee every morning (the Folgers that is made in the regular coffee maker gives me the shakes) and a friend of mine raves about Blue Bottle. They are very tasty but at $12/shipment, I’m not too sure I can stick with it. It might be a “buy a bag and have on hand for a special cup” sort of thing.


In December I decided that I wanted to start wearing make up every day again, which consists mostly of just eye and lip stuff (although I did buy some foundation that I’ve been wearing almost every day, mostly because it has sunscreen in it). I’ve been experimenting with shadow colors, liner styles, and my biggest weakness: lipsticks/lip glosses. I’ve got everything from a pale pink to bright red to dark purple and I can’t seem to stop buying more. I’ve fallen in love with Nyx and E.L.F. cosmetics, neither of which test on animals, the latter of which is rather inexpensive. Nyx is a lot pricier than I’d really like/can afford on a regular basis, but their matte lipsticks are wonderful; they feel unbelievably soft and the color I got (a brown) is absolutely lovely. I also adore Nars’s lip pencil in the color Cruella, which I got a while ago as a free birthday thing from Ulta (I think).

I should really do swatches of everything I’ve got…

I am also giving Birchbox a try – I started in January and am being charged soon for my February box. I’ll probably give it until June and revisit that decision, but $10/month for samples? Not such a bad deal.


I’m a month into this and while I’m still getting used to actually using it/checking it on a regular basis, I’m thoroughly loving it. (I wish I would’ve gone with a bigger/better journal for it, but I wanted to keep the price down for my first foray into the world of BuJo.) I’ve already changed up my weekly spreads because the January ones simply weren’t going to work for homework/I wanted a “to be done this week” section so I could stop moving stuff from one day to the next when it really just needed to be done by the end of the week. I also did a spending log in an effort to spend less money, which… didn’t work. At all. However, I think I’m going to start trying to use cash for specific things and budget myself that way; it’ll force me to actually see the money disappearing rather than thinking I’ve got more than I actually do.

My biggest complaint with the journal I got is that the ghosting is ridiculous. No matter what I use, it seems to ghost through.

Here’s a little look at the beginnings of my BuJo adventure:


Title page.






2017 calendar.


Birthdays/holidays (with birthdays blurred for privacy).


First weekly.

And then, for comparison, here is a preview of a weekly layout for February (as well as, not for comparison, my empty February spending log):


February weekly layout.


February spending log.

I’m sure I’ll come up with other things to add as the year progresses, but considering the size of the journal (it’s diary-sized, not letter-sized like I had hoped) and the limited number of pages, we’ll see.

And that’s it! January was all-in-all not too shabby, but here’s hoping to a better February anyway!